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Mysittingbourne is International and Local

Mysittingbourne is used by people all over the world.

We have people and traffic from USA, India, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, South East Asia, Japan, China, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Africa, Arabia. Everywhere!

We have provided a translate tool for the most common languages. This uses Google Translate. Beware, it is not a perfect translation, but it should provide the meaning. Let us know how it goes!

Mysittingbourne can be used to promote internationally and locally in your country.

One idea is to invite your friends to join a country group at each of the Mysittingbourne sites.

For example, a group for USA (or it could be for each state in the USA; California, Florida, New York, etc.), France, India, Vietnam…

Then people can post messages in those local groups that is relevant for each country and local area.

Another idea, is to set up groups for clubs, businesses, industries, special interests…

We have already created some groups on the PeopleTalentLink site. These are for some different industries where people can work or, find work. Feel free to join these groups, create more groups and invite your friends.

Groups can be made public or private.


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